My Four-Legged Family Members & Close Friends

This is Keala - 13 year old Lhasa Apso.
Very cuddly and loves to have a chat when you come home.

This is Ellie.
13 year old
Miniature Poodle.
Loves 24 hr attention and loves pillows.

This is Lucy.
Even at 17 years of age, she was always my baby. We took her for walks in a doll`s pram when her back legs had lost their strength. She loved it.
Unfortunately, Lucy passed away in 2011.

RIP baby girl.

Dexter is my daughter`s dog so, officially, he is my grandson.

He is a Skye Terrier.
Very active and playful.
Also very affectionate and emotional.

This is Wilbur - a Central Bearded Dragon. Likes to let us know that he is king of his enclosure. He quite enjoys to be held, but when he decides to run, watch out for the claws!

This is Betty - also a Central Bearded Dragon.
She loves a good feed of crickets and worms, an appetite that has earned her a very full figure.
Betty recently went to a new home where she found herself a husband and has since become a mum of many babies.