Home Care for Your Pets

Pets are happiest in their own home with familiar surroundings.  When you can`t be there for them because you are going away, no matter for how long, help is not far away.  You could be heading off on a well-earned break, be kept away from home due to work commitments, or may have to be away due to providing care to family or friends in need.  Whatever the reason, I am more than happy to help.

Some people are quite content to place their dogs or cats into boarding kennels, but others would prefer to keep their pets at home and have them cared for in their own surroundings.  I am happy to provide care to all kinds of animals - from dogs and cats, to birds and fish, to guinea pigs and mice, to lizards and snakes.

Being a devoted pet owner myself, I understand how important it is to provide a safe and happy environment for your pets, and for this environment to remain in place for the entire time you are away.

Before any service is set in place, I believe it is important that I visit you first so that I can meet you and your pets.  More importantly, you can meet me. You need to feel confident that you are leaving your pets in safe and caring hands.  During this visit (free of charge, with no obligation), we can discuss services required and I will be able to leave you with a quote.  If you decide to go ahead, I would request that all services be paid for prior to the commencement date.